HWSA Policy

·  HWSA practices and competes outdoors – Rain or Shine

·  All practice cancelations will be posted on the website.

·  Inclement weather at the start of practice does not confirm a canceled practice. If an announcement is not posted, practice will proceed.

·  If the head coach determines that more than half of practice will be interrupted due to weather, practice will be officially canceled.

·  Any concerns about practice at an HWSA outdoor practice facility should be directed to the Head coaches:

o   Coach Tom at 312-301-1870 – Stagg

·  Coaches expect every swimmer to make an effort to attend practice. If your swimmer is not planning to attend practice, contact the group coach by phone or text to report an absence. 


Park District Pool Policy

·  In the event thunder and/or lightning is observed, the pool will be cleared for 20 minutes until conditions improve.

·  Park District’s may determine that air temperature is too cold for pool entry. In the event of inclement air temperature, practice may be canceled.