9/26/19:  Parent Workshop 1 – How do I sign up my swimmer for a meet and what do I bring?

This Parent Workshop provided information and instruction for signing up for a meet using the HWSA Team Website and the “On Deck” Parent App. We also reviewed the Swimmer’s Checklist, or the essentials that every parent and swimmer should know.

HWSA Team Unify Website Sign Up

On Deck Sign Up

Swimmer Checklist


11/11/19:  Parent Workshop 2 – Sponsorship & Donations

In this Parent Workshop we went over our swim club's opportunity to reach out to our community for sponsorship.  Sponsorship and donations allow our swim club the opportunity to host meets, provide new equipment to the team, and much more.  We reviewed several documents to help us engage sponsors in the local communities and we went over everything that is needed to make the process easy, simple and successful. 

2020 Ad Contract

2020 Ad Letter

Winter Splash Ad Program Demo Sheet


12/17/19:  Parent Workshop 3 – Volunteer Requirements & Winter Splash

This Parent Workshop allowed us to go over all volunteer jobs available at a meet and we discussed what they are all about.  We had the opportunity to talk about how many jobs we are required to volunteer for at Winter Splash, how many days we are required to sign up our swimmers, what to pack for our swimmers and more!

Volunteer Job Descriptions