Add a cell number for SMS/Texting

To add a cell number for texting messages please follow the steps below. Ideally an account holder will perform the below steps, as it requires retrieving a verification code from their cell phone and entering it on the site.

  1. Go to My Account > My Account
  2. To add an SMS number for one of the athletes in the account, click their name; otherwise stay on the current screen
  3. You will see a box for “Email and Text Messaging Setup.” Click the Add SMS button to the right of the box.
  4. Fill in the Cell Number and Cell Carrier in the pop up and click the Send button
    1. If you have a Tracfone, use this website to identify your carrier
  5. A pop up will say that a text has been sent to the cell number for verification
  6. Check your cell phone for this message and note the Verification / Validation code. Note that some cell carriers can take awhile to deliver the message.
  7. Enter this number in the “Verification Code” field and click Verify. This MUST be done for the number to be activated for use through OnDeck, the Text Message application.
  8. The cell number will appear in the box with the “Verified” checkbox checked
  9. The team admin cannot do this entirely for you due to the step of receiving the verification text on your phone.
  10. If you have trouble setting up your phone for text messaging, please contact the team administrator.

Setup Video Tutorial Link